Virtual Learning Lab Launched!

Posted by Dr. Raymond J. Boccuti on 2/5/2017

Please permit me to start by repeating some important “thank you” recognitions.  First, I extend my genuine appreciation to our Board of Education, SLED, and the PTA for their respective financial contributions to purchase our new virtual learning lab and additional technology supports.  I also appreciate three of our outstanding teachers, Mr. DeStefano, Mrs. Krebs, and Mrs. Pearce who are diligently working to integrate this amazing technology tool into our curricula and into the hands of our students and staff.

After some initial integrations, we were excited for our students to take their first two virtual field trips this week.  Our students observed a spinal surgical procedure and were able to interactively discuss the surgery with the surgical team and other students who attended.  We also had students visit the facilities of this weekend’s Super Bowl.

This week at Mountz:  On Monday, District Band, “Draw Your Own Destiny” assembly.  On Tuesday, Kindergarten Open House.  On Thursday, NAEP testing in grade 4, Tournament of Champions Geography Bee in Spring Lake Heights.

More information to follow, please visit this blog often, your feedback is always welcome, and remember to follow me on Twitter as well.


Dr. Boccuti

Superintendent, Principal, CSA

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