• Snapshot of H. W. Mountz School


    The H.W. Mountz School provides a challenging educational environment for its students in PreK through grade 8 as articulated in our vision statement:  “H.W. Mountz:  Expanding What’s Possible – Welcoming, Progressive, Responsible, Wise, Heroic” supported by the three pillars of emotional benefits, functional benefits, and practical benefits.  The ideal teacher/student ratio in classrooms, together with in-class support and other extra-help programs, offers a comprehensive instructional delivery system that best meets our children’s educational needs to prepare them for the future.

    H.W. Mountz students receive instruction in a full range of academic subjects and developmental activities including athletics.  Rigorous offerings include integrated language arts/reading, mathematics, science, social studies, art, foreign language/culture, health, music, physical education, and all with an impressive variety of technology integration.  The latest curricular additions to the wide array are STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) as well as our new Virtual Learning Lab integrated into all courses of study.  Our PreK to grade 5 academic program is self-contained and our grade 6 through 8 academic program is delivered in a middle school model to best meet our students’ needs and prepare them for their upcoming high school experience.  Special programs are offered including academic interventions for both accelerated and struggling students, after school enrichment opportunities, and high engagement in technology integration through one to one (1:1) Chromebooks in grades 3 through 8, Smart Boards in every classroom, a state of the art computer lab, TV studio, and Virtual Learning Lab.

    H.W. Mountz students are actively engaged in charitable endeavors and community initiatives.  An example is our unique program titled MUSST (Mountz Uniting Students and Seniors Together).

    Our ideal school size allows us to get to know all of our students on an individualized basis while offering a variety of programs and services to compliment our academic curriculum which is carefully aligned to the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Standards.  Our programs and services enhance the educational experiences for our students and include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • PreK program utilizing the Tools of the Mind Curriculum with an extended program for four year old students.
    • Full day kindergarten program utilizing the Tools of the Mind Curriculum.
    • Lab based science program in kindergarten through grade 8 taught by certified science teachers in newly renovated science facilities.
    • Spanish program in kindergarten through grade 8 taught by a certified Spanish teacher delivering Spanish 1 concepts in grades 6 through 8.
    • One to one (1:1) Chromebook initiative in grades 2 through 8.
    • TV studio highlighting daily news and various other curricular related endeavors partnered with a state of the art computer lab and virtual learning lab for technology integration.
    • Opportunities to accelerate in language arts and mathematics in grades 6 through 8.
    • Gifted and talented enrichment programs for students who meet our gifted criteria to develop their skills and talents.
    • National Junior Honor Society with selection criteria aligned to the national standards.
    • Character building, anti-bullying endeavors in PreK through grade 8 including Responsive Classroom with Morning Meeting and social skills curricula.
    • Comprehensive Child Study Team (CST) to promptly meet the emerging needs of our students.
    • State of the art special education programs and supports that, whenever possible, are fully included and supported in the regular education classroom setting in alignment with best practices, research, and the law.
    • Fully equipped library/media center.
    • Impressive array of enrichment activities beyond the school day including a comprehensive athletics program, fine arts programs, student council, yearbook, and peer mediator program.
    • Rigorous academic expectations over three school years with trimester marking periods each school year to monitor student achievement through: benchmark exams in grades 5 through 8, reading inventory exams – Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) and Achieve 3000 in grades 2 through 8, mathematics inventory exams – Scholastic Mathematics Inventory (SMI), NJ Early Childhood Indicator Assessments in PreK through grade 1,and DIBELS phonics assessments in kindergarten through grade 2. 

    Central to the success of our school is the active involvement of many volunteers who generously contribute their valuable time and efforts to the H.W. Mountz School. Through outstanding organizations such as our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), spring Lake Education Foundation (SLED), Grade 8 Fundraising, Athletic Booster Club, Recreation Association, and Spring Lake Drug Alliance, our students receive a wide variety of special activities, experiences, programs, projects, and trips.  This powerful support structure enhances motivation for success every day at the H.W. Mountz School.  We are very proud of the strong bond between students, staff members, parents, and community to continually support lifelong learning.

    At the H.W. Mountz School, excellence is the norm, not the exception.  An outstanding educational program in a neighborhood school with a wonderful tradition is the hallmark of the Spring Lake School District.

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