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    Welcome to our Preschool Class.  I'm looking forward to a wonderful year working with your children as they grow, academically, socially, and physically.
    Make Believe Play Themes
    * Community& Small Business Shoppes
    * Restaurant
    * Hospital 
    * Grocery Store
    * Farm Environment
    * Transportation



    Upcoming Classroom Events:

    Happy New Year!


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     Tools of the Mind Curriculum

    * Self-regulation

    *Cognitive Flexibility

    *Working Memory

    *Social Skills

    *Literacy & Math Activities

    *Language Development

    *Reading & Writing Skill Development

    * Science hands-on group experiments involving:

    -changes in colors

    -sink and float 

    -solids, liquids, gases

    -our 5 senses

    -Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day & Easter experiments

    -weather (snow, wind, sun, rain)

    -animal hibernation

    -bugs around us

    -plants and vegetables