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    Show and Tell will take place once or twice a month, starting in January.  For Show and Tell, the children can bring in something special that they would like to share with classmates.  Please help your child to prepare three things to say about his/her item.  Although we will be very careful with all Show and Tell items, please do not send anything that cannot be replaced.   If your child forgets to bring a Show and Tell item one week, he or she can simply bring it on their next scheduled date.
    Show and Tell Weeks:  
    January 11 - 15
    February 1 - 5
    March 1 - 5
    March 22 - 26
    April 19 - 23
    May 10 - 14
    June 7 - 11
    Show and Tell days:
    Tuesday:  Cole, Sean, Danny and Cecilia
    Wednesday:  Iris, Vincent, Liam and Madison
    Thursday:  Connor, Anna, and James
    Friday:  Brady, Nia and Luke