The Spring Lake Educational Foundation (SLED) is a 501(c)(3), non-for-profit corporation that was created in 2007 to enhance the educational experience for all students and staff of H.W. Mountz School by providing funds to enrich educational programs, activities, and facilities.  The purpose of the SLED is to:
    a.   increase student achievement; 
    b.   provide opportunities for staff development;  
    c.   foster character development of students;  
    d.   build community confidence and support for H.W. Mountz School;
    e.   improve the physical environment.

    Trustees of the Spring Lake Educational Foundation meet on a monthly basis to review upcoming school initiatives, grants, and long range plans for the enhancement of HW Mountz School.  Trustees plan and facilitate fundraising events that will ultimately support the overall enrichment of our school.  Do you have a strength or a skill in organization, fundraising, and/or educational and fiscal policy that you would like to share and foster?  Please join us at our next meeting! 
     All meeting times are published on the HW Mountz main web page.  
    Our next meeting will be Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 at 6pm.

    SLED would not be effective or possible without the continued support of our parents, community, and alumni.  Since 2007 we have been fully funded by generous donations and assistance.  Because of this generosity, HW Mountz school continues to thrive, improve, and provide an exemplary education for our students. If would like to assist us in enhancing educational excellence at HW Mountz School, you can make a donation through the link below. 


    Spring Lake Educational Foundation Board of Trustees:
    Kiernan DiFeo, President 
    Alan Ferraro, Vice President
    Claire Judge, Secretary
    Megan Kerr, Treasurer  
    Stuart Patterson, Trustee 
    Rob Bielicki, Trustee           
    Joe Desiderio, Trustee           
    Jamie Mawn, Trustee     
    Jen Winn, Trustee       
    Carla Martin, Trustee
    Irene Hale, Trustee
    Sarah Hunt, Trustee