• V.I.P.

    Very Important Person



    Every kindergartner will have the opportunity to share his/her very special self with our class.  Moms and Dads will need to help gather together items of the week as explained below.


    Here’s how the program works....every child will be assigned a V.I.P. week.  That week the V.I.P. participates in the following activities:


    Monday:  The V.I.P. brings in photos of him/herself (pictures both old and new), a special art piece, pet pictures, certificates, etc.  On this day, the class will interview the V.I.P.


    Tuesday:  The V.I.P. brings in a favorite storybook.  This book will be read to the class by the teacher or by the V.I.P.!


    Wednesday:  The V.I.P. brings in a surprise “box” to school with ONE treasure they have selected to share.  The class will play 20 questions and try to discover the secret treasure.


    Thursday:  Our class will make a special book about the V.I.P.  The V.I.P. will take it home to share and keep.


    Friday:  The V.I.P.’s Mom or Dad may come in to read a special story or do a fun craft project with our class.  9:45 a.m would be a great time for our special guest!