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    This portion of the website is currently under construction as we align the curriculum of every subject at every grade level to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards (NJSLS).


    Character Education Matters at HW Mountz School

    This year the community of Mountz celebrates the theme, "Team Mountz". Under this theme students will be experiencing the value of teamwork as a skill for elevating achievement in academics, athletics, the arts, and citizenship. Parents will also be invited to join the Mountz Team by embracing a culture of communication and collaboration with teachers, administration, the Board of Education, and organizations, such as the PTA, Educational Foundation, and Booster Club to provide every opportunity to support students in meeting district and self-created goals. As part of this experience the whole Mountz Team is working together this year to build our life-long pro-social skills.
    "For students to enter the community of responsible adults prepared for a diversity of social roles, they must possess critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as interpersonal sensitivity." (M.J. Elias and SE Tobias 1996)
    We will continue to educate our students throughout this school year on interpersonal, problem-solving, and conflict resolution by embedding activities from the NJ State Bar Foundation Six Essential Lessons, Stop and Think , The Social Decision Making/Social Problem Solving Curriculum and Responsive Classroom, which are evidenced based approaches to building social skills that students need for success not only in school but in all aspects of their lives. See Curricular Lessons below....
    In addition to our two school wide Service Projects, Hunger Challenge in the fall and Bike Safety Challenge in the spring, each homeroom will be required to organize their own Service Project. Each grade level band has been assigned a specific marking period. The project is entirely up to the classes to determine. It may involve the entire school, or be specific to the class.
    Marking Period 1- Grades 6, 7 ,8 
    Marking Period 2 - Grades 3, 4, 5 
    Marking Period 3- Grades PreK, K, 1, 2
    Pro-Social Skills Kick-Off Lessons for September and October-(NJ BAR FD)
    Lesson 1 - Recognizing Bullying and Normal Conflict 
    Lesson 2 - Recognizing Passive, Aggressive and Assertive Behavior  
    Lesson 3 - Using "I" Messages   
    Lesson 4 - Telling or Tattling  
    Lesson 5 - Bystander Strategies  
    Lesson 6 - Conflict Resolution Steps: The Win/Win Guidelines 
    Pro-Social Skills Lessons for November through June - See Links Above
    Grades PreK- 2-  Stop and Think Curriculum & Bucket Filler
    Grades 3-8-  Social Decision-Making Curriculum
    Responsive Classroom - See Link Above 
    This set of practices is embedded in our school schedule starting with a 20 minute Morning Meeting during homeroom and extending into the practices executed by teachers throughout their subject area teaching.  For more information on the Responsive Classroom practices review this link.
Last Modified on October 12, 2017