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    Name:  Mrs. Nicki Orr
    Email Address: norr@hwmountz.k12.nj.us
    Phone number: 732-449-6380

    My love for teaching started at a very young age. During elementary school, 
    my teachers began to notice that I had an affinity for teaching. By my pre-teen
    years, I spent summers teaching arts and crafts to children at my local beach club.  
    Throughout college, I continued to work with children in various jobs.
    By the time I graduated Monmouth University in 1999, I was ready to start my
    career as an educator. I truly enjoy teaching anything to anyone, so I knew 
    it would not be difficult to find a teaching job I loved. After teaching at a 
    larger district in both general education and special education, I decided I 
    wanted to teach in a smaller, more personal school. I grew up in the small, 
    Union County town of Mountainside, and the fond memories of my tiny 
    elementary school drew me to the small district of Spring Lake.  I have been teaching at Mountz 

    since 2001.
    As a dually certified teacher, I can teach special education and elementary education (pre-K
     through 8th grade), and I can also teach more specific areas such as basic skills, gifted and talented, middle
     school ELA, and special education.  I am also Wilson certified as a Wilson Dyslexia Practitioner. 
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