• working together Welcome
               To The H. W. Mountz
    Department of Student Services
    Welcome to the Office of Student Services and the 2017-2018 Academic School Year!  
    Our CST at H.W. Mountz School in Spring Lake New Jersey work with our students, parents,and teachers to understand each student's individual unique learning styles and needs.   Within our department of dedicated team members the determination of the students eligibility for special education services and supports is determined.  Members of our CST are available 5 days a week to support the needs of the district.  We look forward to serving your child's educational needs with communication and collaboration of ideas.  Please feel free to contact us (see below) during school hours.  Each of the team members within our office have their own website here at Mountz School which allows community families to receive assistance from each specialized sector of our team members. 
    Krystyna Domogala, Assistant Principal / Director of Special Services and Instruction
    (732) 449-6380 Ext. 457
    Linda Calafiore, Administrative Assistant, Office of Assistant Principal / Special Services
    (732) 449-6380 Ext. 457
    Michele Szary, Learning Disability Teacher Consultant
    (732) 449-6380 x 201
    Monday through Friday
    Ellen Cosentino, School Social Worker / Anti-Bullying Specialist
    (732) 449-6380 Ext. 403
    4 days weekly - TBD
    Michele Lee, School Psychologist / Anti-Bullying Specialist
    (732)449-6380 Ext. 459
    Tuesday & Thursday
    Brigid Maniace, Speech Therapist
    (732) 449-6380 x 424
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Amy Forsythe, Occupational Therapist
      (732) 449-6380 Ext. 422
    Tuesday & Wednesday