• Physical Education Excuses/Injury
    When to get a doctor's note for an injury??  If your child has any kind of appliance such as a boot, brace, crutches or wheelchair, please get a note from your physician prior to the student returning to school. See the following requirements:

    If a child is in need of a physical education excuse, this must be requested in writing from the student’s physician, specifying the length of time your child is to be exempted. This request is checked by the school nurse and accommodations will be made based on the injury or length of time prescribed.   All teachers and staff will be informed so the child is kept as safe as possible throughout the school day.  A written note from the doctor must be submitted for the student to resume full activities. Students are not permitted to take physical education, recess, or school-sponsored events/sports with a brace, cast or sutures.


    Any child who is exempt from physical education for medical reasons is not permitted to participate in school-sponsored sports, events and outdoor recess activities. Safety is the priority!  Depending on your child’s condition, weather permitting, your child may be permitted to sit outside if they are able. Arrangements for indoor recess in the library, main office or a supervised classroom will be made by the school nurse if needed.