• Communicable (Contagious) Diseases


    Please notify the school if your child has a communicable disease. Notices will be sent home when the health office is made aware of a communicable disease in your child’s grade level. The following are guidelines for readmission:


    1. Chickenpox-when all lesions are dry (crust or scab), usually 7-10 days
    2. Conjunctivitis (pink eye) - may return after treatment is initiated, with a doctor’s note.
    3. Fifth Disease-rash indicates need of a physician’s note of diagnosis before returning to school. Inform pregnant women of exposure.
    4. Impetigo-exclude from school. May return with a doctor’s note after treatment is begun. Area must be dry and covered in school.
    5. Pediculosis (head lice) - when student has had one shampoo containing pediculocide and is nit free.
    6. Ringworm-may return after treatment, with a doctor’s note. Area must be dry and covered when in school.
    7. Strep-may return after student has been on an antibiotic a minimum of 24 hours and presents a doctor’s note.


    Thank you for your on-going cooperation with our attempts to keep our school healthy!