• It's Not Just About NUTS
    We have more Food Allergies, Medical Conditions, and Food Sensativities beyond nuts, please take this into consideration.
    Celiac, Stawberry, Milk/Dairy, Soy, Red Dye, Carbohydrates, Shellfish, SESAME, and EGG.
    NON-FOOD celebrations are STRONGLY SUGGESTED and all planning of such MUST Be TEACHER APPROVED for the:
    Here is a list of ideas for non-food items to give to each child on your child’s birthday:
    Bracelets, Party hats, party plates, party napkins,  Silly bands, Bubbles, Chalk, Stickers, Stamps, Erasers, Crayons, Pens, Decorative pencils 
    Here are a few other ways that you can celebrate your child’s birthday at school:
    Donate a book to the school in honor of your child’s birthday with his/her name inside, Have your child bring their favorite book to share and read it to the class, Donate a ball or jump rope to the classroom for recess, Choose a favorite song or musical piece to sing or play for the class
    Information Links: 
    SNACK SAFELY GUIDE  Click Here site updated every 2 weeks 
    Non-food birthday celebrations are strongly encouraged for all classes. Check with your childs teacher for suggestions. If you plan to bring in food the "18-19 Food Awareness Guidelines" must be followed. Please notify your childs teacher and the school nurse during school hours in advance if you are considering to bring in food.
    All classrooms at MOUNTZ are "Nut Safe Classrooms." We ask that you refrain from sending in any nut containing products to be eaten in the classroom for snack or parties. Products that are not "Nut Free" may be eaten in the cafeteria.The cafeteria will offer a  separate "Nut Safe" table for students with food allergies.
    Thank you in advance for taking into consideration the safety of all the children at Mountz.