• Welcome to the H.W. Mountz School Pre-K Class and the Tools of the Mind Curriculum.  The Pre-K Class will be busy this fall role playing in various pretend family centers.  The children will be cooking and eating meals in the kitchen center, washing their babies in the bathroom center, sorting and ironing the clothes in the laundry room center, washing the car in the garage center, playing with the dinosaurs and the dollhouse in the living room center and reading to their babies before tucking them into bed.  I'm sure that they will have lots of fun and stories to tell!
    Our Special Class Schedule
    Monday - Gym
    Tuesday - Library
    Wednesday - Music
    Thursday - Library
    Friday - Art
    Monday and Wednesday - "Book in the Bag"
    (Please read the assigned book and return)
    I appreciate your cooperation!
    Star of the Week
    Each child will have a designated week.
    Parents may visit and read a story to the class.
    I will make a poster of the child's favorite pictures.
    and favorite ideas about foods, books, and activities.
    Each child will wear a "Star of the Week" crown.
    Activities for Your child at Home
    Practice * Sharing 
                                 *Household chores
                                     *Cuting with scissors
                                                        *Coloring and writing their name
                                                                                 * Identifying colors, letters, shapes and numbers
                                                                     * Zipping, snapping, buttoning and tying
                                  * Reading together
                                                                                       * Asking questions about the sequence of the story
                                                         * Their favorite character or part
                                                                                           * Let your child turn the pages and "reread" the book