• Math Study Skills and Strategies

     I have a time and place for studying math

    I study math every day.

    I try to get my math homework done immediately after class/school.
    I have a specific place with few distractions to study math.

    I am careful to keep up-to-date with my homework.

    Study strategies for math class

    I read my textbook before I come to class.

    I take notes in math class.

    I am careful to copy all the steps of math problems in my notes.

    I ask questions when I am confused.

    I go to the teacher when I am confused.

    I try to determine exactly when I got confused and exactly what confused me.

    I review my notes and text before beginning homework.

    I work problems until I understand them, not just until I get the answer in
    the book.

    I use flashcards for formulas and vocabulary.

    I develop memory techniques to remember math concepts.

    I review my notes and strategies before a math summative assessment

    I preview the test before I begin and make sure I have not skipped any problems

    Before I begin the test, I make notes on things such as formulas that I might

    I take the full amount of time allotted for the test.

    I carefully check or rework as many problems as I have time to.

    When tests are returned, I note the types of mistakes that I made:~ concept
    errors, application error, or careless errors, for example.
    I keep up-to-date so I don't have to "cram" the night before a test.

    I believe that I can succeed in math class.

    I have study partners in my math class.

    I take practice tests.