• Phonics/Phonemic Awareness and Reading Readiness Skills
    Welcome to Kindergarten! Working with letters, sounds and words
    First and Second Semesters
    We are learning how to read a book in Kindergarten. 
    There are many ways to do this!
    We are learning to:
    • recognize capital and lower case letters
    • letters make up words....like our names!
    • every letter makes a special sound
    • there are words called "sight words" that we don't have to sound out (they pop up all over the place, so we need to know them lickety split!)
    • we are all readers
    Readers Build Good Habits:
     Good readers:
    • make predictions about the stories they read
    • take picture walks to find clues
    • notice a writers special way of telling a story...does he use repeating lines? does he draw really cool pictures?
    • make connections with the characters in a story book, when we make a connection we may say...that reminds me of.....
    • re-tell stories...when we re-tell a story it helps us to understand it better!
    • we can re-tell a story by thinking about the characters.  Where did the story take place? What happened first?  What happened next?  What happened after that?  How did it end?

     Non-Fiction in Kindergarten
    Last semester  

    The big idea for kindergartners is:  We read nonfiction books to learn about a special topic.  Nonfiction books teach us about our world.
    Student Strategies:
    When I read a nonfiction book I can:
    • take a picture walk
    • I can ask myself:  What is this book trying to teach me?
    • I can stop, think and wonder about what I'm learning
    • I knew....I wondered...I learned...
    • I can notice all the photographs and imagine them in my mind
    • I can share what I learned by saying:
    1. Wow! I learned...
    2. That's so cool.....
    3. I never knew........

    What we  are learning: First and Second Semesters
    • How to write numbers 1 to 20
    • How to count groups of objects up to 10
    • How to put numbers in order 1-20
    • How to count by 10's
    • How to count to 100!
    • Compare numbers....is it less than? greater than or equal?
    • Add numbers...the word plus means to join together.
    • Recognize number patterns...like doubles, and the plus one and plus zero rule.


    Last semester:
    We will be adding and subtracting numbers.
    We will be studying Geometry:
    We will learn how to analyze, compare, and create shapes.