• kV.I.P.

    V.I.P.  week is a chance for us to celebrate each of our kindergartners in a special way. 
    During your V.I.P. week, you will be featured on our bulletin board. 

    Monday:The V.I.P. brings in photos of himself (pictures both old and new), newspaper clippings, certificates, a special art piece, pet pictures, postcards, etc. On this day the class will interview the V.I.P.


    Tuesday: The V.I.P. brings in a favorite storybook. This book will be read to the class by the teacher or by the V.I.P.!!


    WednesdayThe V.I.P. brings in a surprise “box” to school with ONE treasure they have selected to share. The class will play 20 questions and try to discover the secret treasure. 



    ThursdayOur class will make a special book about the V.I.P. Our class will autograph the book and the V.I.P. will take it home to share and keep.


    Friday: The V.I.P. will plan a special celebration for the class. A mom or dad or special family member may choose to come in and do an arts and crafts project, share a special talent or hobby, bake a yummy treat, or read a storybook. You may be as fancy or as simple as you’d like!


    Thanks to all our V.I.P.'s  and their moms and dads!!!!  We love our V.I.P.'s!!