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    National Junior Honor Society Officers   

    Luke Callaghan

    Luke is a 7th grader attending H.W. Mountz and an honored member of the National Junior  Honor Society. As someone who has been going to Mountz for over half his life, he has achieved honor roll numerous times and enjoys and openly accepts challenge. Currently enrolled in the Algebra 1 math class and ELAA, he works hard to achieve the best grades he can and strives to benefit his community by contributing ideas and working together with his peers to make a positive change.


    Lucas Gordan

    Lucas is in grade 8 at Mountz and is happy to take part in the National Junior Honor Society during his first and only year at Mountz. Lucas moved to Mountz from Holmdel and has enjoyed Mountz school so far. Lucas is in both Algebra 1 and also Accelerated ELA. Outside of school, Lucas likes to hang out with friends, play basketball, as well as studying for his academics. Lucas is glad to be part of the National Junior Honor Society program and share his idea with the group.


    Van Jones

    Van Jones is a current 7th grader at Mountz. This is his first year in the NJHS program. Van is very excited to be part of the group. Van Jones has been in first honor roll for 5 years. He is currently in accelerated classes. Van has been part of activities such as the Academic bowl, the space trip, the tennis club, the school band, and the Mountz’s baseball, basketball, and soccer teams. Outside of school, he does jiu-jitsu, fencing, and likes to play video games. Also, he has played piano for the school in multiple concerts. Van is very happy to help his community in NJHS.


    Maura Kerr

    Maura Kerr has attended Mountz since Pre-K. Being a student at Mountz she has participated in many school activities and sports. When she was younger, she strived to have great grades and she has made the honor roll since it was available to her.  Currently, Maura is in student council as the Sergeant in Arms and she is also an 8th grader in National Junior Honor Society. Since grade 6, she has played soccer, basketball, and softball. Maura has also participated in cross country in grades 4 and 5. She is ecstatic about being in the National Junior Honor Society, and next year she will be attending Manasquan High School.


    John Little

    John Little is a 7th grader at H.W.Mountz and is very honored to take part in his first year of National Junior Honor Society. John has achieved an honor roll since 5th grade and is currently in the Advanced math course as well as Accelerated ELA. He has participated in the Academic Bowl and Spelling Bee. Apart from school, John spends his free time competitively playing soccer and lacrosse. He partakes in basketball and golf in addition to some after-school activities. John is very excited about helping his H.W.Mountz community and he wants to be helpful and share his ideas with the NJHS.


    Anna Martin

    Anna is a 7th grader at H.W. Mountz and is overjoyed to be a part of National Junior Honor Society. Anna has achieved the first honor roll since fifth grade and has taken part in the SEA program, the 2018 Art Trip, the 2019 Space Trip, and the 2019 Academic Bowl. She is an Algebra and Accelerated ELA student. Anna has played goalie in the Mountz Soccer team, and has taken part in the Mountz Softball and Basketball teams. Some things she loves are going to visit her cousins and eating amazing food. She also enjoys riding her bike with her friends to her grandparent’s house. Anna is super excited to share her ideas and help out for the good of H.W. Mountz.


    Kylie Newton

    Kylie Newton is a 7th grade student at H.W. Mountz, and is so excited and honored to be in NJHS.  She has been on honor roll since her first year at Mountz (Grade 5) and is taking Algebra 1 and Accelerated ELA. She has participated in the Grade 5 Art and Grade 6 Space trip. Other than school, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and she also loves sports. In 5th Grade, she played Junior Varsity Basketball, ran Track and Cross Country, and participated in Club Swimming. In 6th Grade, she participated in Varsity Soccer, Basketball, Swim, and Softball. She was disappointed that she couldn’t play Soccer or Basketball for her school this year, but now she is excited to take part in Varsity Softball. She is very honored to be chosen for this position and cannot wait to help out her Mountz community.


    Jake Palmer

    Jake is a 7th grader at H.W. Mountz and is excited to be a member of the National Junior Honor Society.  During his first year at Mountz, he earned a spot on the Academic Bowl team. He enjoys being in accelerated ELA and Algebra while always aiming to achieve first Honor Roll. Jake has been playing trumpet in Mountz’s band since 5th grade and is an accomplished pianist. Outside of school, Jake is an avid golfer. He is very excited to help HW Mountz and the community.


    Kelly Reynolds
       Kelly is a current 8th grader at H.W. Mountz, and is very excited to participate in her second year in National Junior Honor Society. Kelly is enrolled in Geometry and Accelerated English and achieved first honors in her previous year at Mountz. In addition to academics, Kelly is active in both the school and the local community theatre acting programs. She also enjoys participating in sports, such as travel basketball and lacrosse, playing ukulele, piano and guitar, and hanging out with her mini labradoodle Cooper. Kelly is very excited to share her ideas and creativity with everyone at Mountz Elementary School.

    Marky Talucci

    Marky is currently a 7th grader at H.W. Mountz, and is very excited to participate in his first year in National Junior Honor Society. Marky has achieved high honors every semester since the beginning of 5th grade. Marky is enrolled in accelerated ELA and Algebra 1. He also participates in the SEA program. In past years, Marky has competed in the academic bowl. Marky was a part of the school band. Marky plays for the Mountz baseball and basketball teams. Outside of school, Marky surfs, plays football, and golf. Marky can not wait to contribute towards this amazing program.



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