Mrs. Karen Dettlinger - Advisor
    National Junior Honor Society Officers   
    Talia Blum (Vice President)
    Talia is an 8th grader a H.W. Mountz, and is very delighted to take part in her second year of National Junior Honor Society. Talia has achieved honor roll since 5th grade and is currently in the Geometry math course as well as Accelerated ELA. She has participated in the SEA program, MakerFest challenge, space trip, and Academic Bowl. Apart from school, Talia spends her free time competitively playing soccer and lacrosse, and partakes in basketball and golf in addition to some after-school activities. Talia is exceedingly enthusiastic to help share her extraordinary ideas with the fellow NJHS members to help better the school and community!
    Lucy DiFeo (Secretary)
    Lucy is a current an 8th grader at H.W. Mountz and is honored to be part of the national junior honor society. She achieved first honor roll during her time at Mountz and this is her second year as a national junior honor society member. Since the fifth grade, she has participated in the SEA program, and the Maker fest.  She is an accelerated English and Algebra student. In past years, she has also attended the academic bowl, the space trip, and art trip, where students can interact with different schools and learn and discover new things. Outside of school she likes to play softball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and participate on the Bath and Tennis Club swim team every summer. Lucy can not wait to share ideas and spread positive energy throughout our school.
    Sean Galvin
    Sean is a current 8th grader and very excited to be a member of the NJHS. This is his second year in this program. Sean has taken Advanced Ela and Math throughout his whole middle school time. He has participated in programs such as SEA and after school Athletics. The last two years he has been the School Spelling Bee winner and done very well in the regional stage. After school Sean travels daily to a competitive soccer team, which is currently ranked 1st in the state and 4th in the country for their age group. He also enjoys spending time with his two dogs, a German Shepherd and Bichon Frise. Sean can’t wait to bring his intelligence and creative ideas forward to help out this program.
    Maggie Kerr (Tresurer)
    Maggie Kerr is a current 8th grader at Mountz. This is her second year as an NJHS member. Maggie has been in advanced math and ELA since the 6th grade. She has been involved in many programs around the school including the sports teams, SEA, and makerfest. Maggie has also been apart of the band for four years. Outside of school, Maggie does various sports and activities but continues to study hard. She is very excited to help our school and get involved.
    Ivan Kolodziejski
    Ivan is a current 8th grader at Mountz and is very excited to be a part of the National Junior Honor Society. This is his second year being a part of the NJHS and is currently in Geometry and Accelerated English. He has taken part in SEA and Makerfest. In his spare time he plays basketball, soccer and enjoys helping others. He is excited to offer his ideas and help the greater good of the H.W. Mountz school.
    Kelly Reynolds
       Kelly is a current 7th grader at H.W. Mountz, and is very excited to participate in her first year in National Junior Honor Society. Kelly is enrolled in Algebra and accelerated English and achieved first honors in her previous year at Mountz. In addition to academics, Kelly is active in both the school and the local community theatre acting programs. She also enjoys participating in sports, such as travel basketball and lacrosse, playing ukulele, piano and guitar, and hanging out with her mini labradoodle Cooper. Kelly is very excited to share her ideas and creativity with everyone at Mountz Elementary School.
    Jordyn Talucci (President)
    Jordyn is a current 8th grader at Mountz and is very happy to be a part of NJHS. This is her second year as a member of the program. She has achieved First Honor Roll and has been in the Gifted and Talented Program since she started Mountz (6th grade). She is currently in Geometry and Accelerated ELA. She has participated in the Academic Bowl, SEA Program, Makerfest challenge, and the space trip. Outside of school, Jordyn enjoys playing soccer, basketball, softball, golf, and surfing. She is extremely excited to share her creative ideas, help the community, spread a positive attitude, and help run future events
    Faculty Council:
    Mr. DeStefano
    Mrs. Henry 
      Mrs. Marcus-Feld
       Mrs. Pearce
      Mr. Livingood