Grade 6 Accelerated

    Units of Study

    Unit 1: Numerical Expressions and factors

    Whole numbers

    Powers and exponents

    Order of operations

    Prime factorization




    Unit 2: Frations and Decimals

    Multiply fractions

    Divide fractions and mixed numbers

    Add and Subtract decimals

    Multiply and divide decimals


    Unit 3 Integers in a Coordinate Plane


    Fractions and decimals on a number line

    Absolute value

    Coordiante plane


    Unit 4 Integers  

    Adding Integers

    Subtracting Integers

    Multiply Integers

    Divide Integers


    Unit 5 Algebraic Expressions and Properties

    Algebraic expression

    Writing expressions

    Properties of Addition and Subtraction

    The Distributive Property


    Unit 6 Area of Polygons

    Area of parallelograms

    Area of triangles

    Area of trapezoid

    polygons in a coordinate plane


    Unit 7 Ratios and Rates


    Ratio tables



    Solving percent problems

    Converting measures


    Unit 8 Equations and Inequalities

    Writing equations in one variable

    Solving two step equations

    writing equations in two variables

    writing and graphing inequalities

    Solving two step inequalities


    Unit 9 Surface area and volume

    3D figures

    Surface area of prisms

    Surface area of pyramids



    Unit 10 Statistical Measures and Data displays

    Into to Stats


    Measures of center

    Measures of variation


    Stem and Leaf plots


    Box and Whisker plots


    Unit 11 Rational Numbers

    Rational numbers

    Adding and Subtracting rational numbers

    Multiply and Divide rational numbers


    Unit 12 Expressions and equations

    Adding and subtracting expressions

    combining like terms

    Solving Multi Step equations