• Grades Pre K-4

    *Grade 3-4: Following themes modified in accordance with advanced and developmentally appropriate movements and activities

    The following skills and unit themes are a culmination of topics that will scaffold instruction from one grade level to the next.  The units and topics will be tiered according to grade level standards, progress indicators, and age/grade level appropriateness.  The goal of the K-4 curriculum is to “provide students with an opportunity to progress from basic movement education to developing and applying manipulative skills in various isolated and applied situations.” (NJDOE)

    Skills and Unit Themes to be Covered:

    • Establishing a learning environment:

      • Safety

      • Rules

      • Boundaries

      • Spatial Awareness including general and self-space

    • Interdisciplinary activities that incorporate the following:

      • numbers, letters, shapes, colors, seasons, and fine motor skills

    • Gross and Locomotor Development

    • Kicking/Striking

    • Throwing/Catching

    • Jumping/Landing

    • Dribbling

    • Volleying

    • Striking with implements

    • Chase/Dodge/Flee

    • Balancing/Transferring weight

    Engagement in game settings and situations that are sports related will be contingent upon students showing adequate progression in sport related skills, fundamentals, and mechanics.

    Grade 5-8 Unit Themes As Per Semester

    Semester 1: September through November

    • Pre Fitness Testing

    • Fitness Stations

    • Soccer

    • Badminton

    • Cooperative Games

    • Fitness Updates-Students should show growth in at least one pre-fitness component

    Semester 2: December through March

    • Basketball

    • Floor Hockey

    • Scooters/Handball

    • Improvisation games incorporating all skills

    • Fitness Stations/Dance/Yoga/Pilates

    • Bowling

    • Volleyball

    Semester 3: April through June

    • Spring Sports including:

    • Baseball/Softball

    • Lacrosse

    • Golf

    • Tennis

    • Ultimate Frisbee

    • Simplified Rugby

    Objective for Grades 5-8:

    - Modify basic gross and locomotor skills, movement concepts, mechanic principles, and rhythmic principles within more rigorous and physical demanding tasks i.e. throwing and catching basics translates into actual game of play

    - Adapting specific movement skills and concepts in physical activities in order to accommodate individual and personal needs

    - Understand how being a physically literate and competent individual impacts all components of the health triangle i.e. social, emotional, physical