• Flyer Q&A
    1. How do I view the Flyers on my computer?
    2. How do I print the Flyers from my computer?
    3. How do I sign up to receive email alerts that tell me the Flyers have been updated?
    4. How do I register for the H. W. Mountz Website?
    Viewing the Flyers

    As of March, 2008, we're no longer distributing paper copies of the Flyer packet, but we've begun posting each Flyer on our homepage. To view the Flyers, simply click on one; it will open automatically as long as your computer has a PDF viewer installed.




    If there's no PDF viewer installed on your computer, click here AdobeRdr to download and install Adobe Reader. After this installation, your computer will be able to open the flyers. NOTE: All District computers are loaded with Adobe Reader, so staff members don't need to do this.


    Printing the Flyers

    To print the Flyers, open the Flyer you wish to print, then click the Print icon. Then click OK.
    Receiving Flyer update notifications
    H. W. Mountz School can send an email alert to all parents on each Wednesday letting them know that the Wednesday Flyers are updated and ready to be viewed. If you’re interested in receiving this email, you just need to register for the site (many of you have already done this) and subscribe to the school’s homepage.
    If you haven't registered with the school's website yet, click here.

    To subscribe to the school’s homepage on the site, follow these steps:

    1. In a web browser on your computer, go to www.hwmountz.org, and log into the site.
    2. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click the Access My Info button.



    1. On the page that opens, the My Profile tab will display at the top, and the My E-Alerts & Subscriptions tab will display at the bottom.
    2. Confirm that your E-Alerts are set to On, then click the Edit Subscriptions button.  



    1. Place a check mark in the checkbox next to the homepage, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Subscribe.
    Registering with the H. W. Mountz School website
    In order to receive email notifications about the Wednesday Flyers, you first have to register with the Mountz website. If you’re not already registered for the site, follow these simple instructions:
    1. On your computer, open your internet browser, such as Internet Explorer.
    2. In the website address field, enter www.hwmountz.org.
    3. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click the Register button.



    1. When prompted, enter your date of birth, then click Submit.



    1. On the registration page, fill in the appropriate fields. NOTE: Red fields are required fields that must be filled in.
    2. Make sure the check box next to “Please send me email about Events and Activities.” is filled in with a check mark. This will ensure that you receive E-Alerts when we send them. NOTE: Your email address will not be shared with any third parties.



    1. Click Submit.

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