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    H. W. Mountz School
    Technology Mission Statement

    H. W. Mountz Elementary School is a place to use digital tools and resources to explore,  imagine, question, and discover in order to solve problems, construct meaning and, enjoy learning! The technology teacher facilitates partnerships in collaborating with classroom teachers in order to meet curriculum goals and objectives as well as assist in the endeavors of individual students, small groups and whole classes. Using the Internet, classes will go beyond classroom walls by communicating and working collaboratively online with experts and peers. Staff will advocate and practice safe and responsible use of information and technology. Resources are current, comprehensive, age appropriate, and accessible. Our ultimate mission is to enhance personal and academic development through technology.

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    Classroom Announcements:
    Please review the Computer Lab Rules 
    Hands must be clean
    Enter Quietly
    Sit in your assigned seat and log on to the computer
    Give Mrs. Pearce your full attention
    No eating or drinking in the Computer Lab
    Treat the equipment with respect
    Respect your work and the work of others
    Listen carefully and follow directions
    Always log off when class is over
    Always straighten your computer area before leaving
    Always push in your chair
    Line up quietly
    Wait to be dismissed by the teacher (remember the bell does not dismiss you)
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